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Our Boxes

We currently have 6 boxes, each with its own unique theme and experience.
We have new boxes in development, so stay tuned for our new releases coming soon!


Our introductory box is all about experimenting with a variety of ooey, gooey and gross textures. Kids squeeze, squish, and play to their hearts content. They’ll make a Foaming Fountain, a DIY Ooze Ball, and Ghost Goo! Don’t forget to hold on to their lab equipment for future boxes!


We’ve put a mysterious spin on STEM with our spy science-themed box. Kids become super sleuths by writing secret messages using their very own invisible ink. They use decoder glasses to find clues and crack the case to find the Loop Lab hidden treasure inside the locked safe.


This box is all about engaging kids’ senses with tactile, sensory-themed experiments. They make polka dot dough, sodium alginate wiggly worms, and instant snow foam. They also create a ‘Touch and Guess Test’ to see if their family and friends can figure out what they’ve made!


Kids learn all about the power of water in this box. They create a density tower, learn about emulsions, and make two different types of indoor water fountains. They’ll have a blast experimenting with aqua science!


Discover different forms of energy in this box! Kids complete an electrical circuit, use a rubber band as a motor to power a carousel, make an electroscope to detect static electricity, and learn about heat energy by playing with color-changing putty.


In this box, kids learn about structures and what makes them strong. They’ll experiment with different materials that seem inherently weak and will be shocked by the amount of weight they can hold. They’ll be wowed as they create a DIY stand, balance heavy books on paper columns of different shapes, and try their hand at bridge construction and engineering drawings.