About Mad ScienceĀ®

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A Mad Science instructor performing an experiment where she gives a smoke shower over a boys head.

Our Process

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In House R&D

Over 200 hours of science programs developed by our R&D team

An illustration of a kids hand testing a Mad Science experiment

Kid Tested

Each of our programs are tested by our Kids Advisory Board to ensure they are both educational and entertaining!

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Safety Approved

Our educational, science-themed take-home toys are safety tested to ensure that they are as safe as they are fun.

Our Services

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Birthday Parties

Mad Science birthday parties entertain children with interactive shows, make-and-take party favors and hands-on, hassle free science activities like rocket launches, slime and cotton candy. A science themed birthday is sure to entertain parents and kids alike!

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After-School Program

The fun continues after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programs offer a unique approach that gives children a solid scientific foundation that goes beyond the classroom. Our classes cover different subjects from engineering to biology, chemistry and physics!

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An illustration of a space ship, a beaker and a tennis ball

Summer Camps

Mad Science camps bring science to your summer and holidays with interactive, hands-on activities. Encountering new topics every day, children become junior scientists and embark on exciting science adventures through fun activities. Spend the summer learning how to solve a case like a detective, creating your own rocket and exploring robotics!

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Children get the chance to explore different topics, from the study of dinosaurs, to understanding ecosystems and coding. Our interactive workshops are curriculum correlated, aligned to STEM objectives, and meet state level and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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Special Events

Highly interactive, adaptable and grade-appropriate, special events are sure to fascinate your entire class, company, or community! They include action packed science demonstrations such as chemical reactions, bubbling potions and even an air-pressure powered hovercraft!

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