Gift Giving 101: STEM Subscription Boxes

Holiday season is fast approaching and that means kids around the world are building their very own gift wish lists. While dolls, games, electronics and toys might make their top 10, we think STEM subscription boxes should be in the number one spot!

Entertaining and Educational

We think all gifts should be fun but it doesn’t hurt if kids can learn something from them too! Immerse kids into the world of STEM by giving them a monthly gift that teaches them about science topics like chemistry, engineering, math and more! The best part is that most kids don’t even realize that they are learning while experimenting!


It’s the Gift that Keeps Giving

All kids love opening big shiny boxes on holidays but there is nothing quite like receiving a gift in the mail every month! That’s the advantage of a subscription box. With flexible options on how many months the subscription should last, there is a price point for everyone. Or you can give one box a try and if kids love it, keep receiving more in the future! Best of all for parents, it’s a monthly dose of activities which means you won’t have to run around trying to find ways to keep kids busy!


Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

Most STEM Subscription boxes include a detailed instruction booklet so kids practice their reading skills while learning to follow steps carefully. Many also require math skills for measuring substances and writing for marking down any observations.


A Love of Science

Many STEM subscription boxes include tools like beakers, flasks and safety goggles. With a new science toolkit at hand, kids can continue experimenting with the items in their box well after they’ve completed the assigned activities. Children will have their own science lab at home that they can continue to use, making science a part of their everyday lives.


We think the best boxes are the ones that include all the necessary supplies (like Loop Lab!). That way, the minute kids get their STEM subscription boxes in the mail, they can start experimenting right away! Now that’s a great gift!