Mom Guilt Begone

Mom guilt. We try our best each and every single day to be the best mom possible to our kids. Healthy meals, juggling multiple schedules, remembering to sign up for extracurriculars on time, limiting screen time, all while giving them the love they deserve.For many of us, no matter how hard we try, we always feel that little bit of guilt that we can do better. But why are we so hard on ourselves? Deep down we know that our kids will love us and probably won’t even realize when we mess up.

Yet we continue to feel like we can do better, especially when we resort to giving our kids screens. Whether it’s the TV, an iPad or a video game, the few minutes we can steal to ourselves to get stuff done while they have some down time can be invaluable. And if you’re anything like me, that down time, is never really used for ourselves, but rather to cook a meal, help another child with homework or throw in a load of laundry. Definitely not reasons to feel guilty, right? So, let’s stop being so hard on ourselves.

The reality of it is that our kids are growing up in a world that’s very different from the one we grew up in. Social media, online gaming, and even texting have changed our relationships, our communication and how we spend our free time. Limit setting is such an important part of navigating our kids through this digital world but at the same time, we need to give them a way to stay connected, be it in small doses.

That being said, a little bit of screen time for kids probably isn’t a bad thing. Everything in moderation, right? Ordering in pizza once a week, having a lazy day in PJs on a Saturday, ditching the PTA meeting to go out with our girlfriends. I say, go for it! You’re doing a pretty amazing job raising those little humans to be the next global citizens and every good teacher needs a break of her own. Here’s to abolishing mom guilt and applauding other moms for doing their very best. We know we can’t travel too far on this journey of motherhood on our own, so let’s bring up all the other moms who support us and get rid of the guilt collectively!